Available Now: Love the Witch, Hate the Craft

Merry meet!

We are so excited to announce that our first book, Love the Witch Hate the Craft, is available now – just in time to celebrate Samhain!

Love the Witch, Hate the CraftIn this book, we meet Rowan Middlebrook, the daughter of the high priest and priestess of the Secret Hallow Coven. She’s been trying to escape a secret from her past, but destiny wants to drag her back to the village! It’s a sweet, emotional story that I think will surprise you a wee bit.

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We had a wonderful time collaborating on this book. Grandma Lee, also known as Liz, wrote this whole book on her own, and Mama Lee (Sara) helped revise it. Working on it has been a wonderful way to connect even though we no longer live in the same city. The witches of Secret Hallow may live together in the same geographic location, but in reality, we must find ways to create villages in our hearts and souls to be together from a distance.

We’re working on the next book now, and it’s almost done. It won’t be long before we get a chance to meet more members of the Secret Hallow coven.

Blessed be!

~The family known as Nora Lee